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Pr Henri Joyeux

Pr. Henri Joyeux

“I tasted this golden oil, it suits all family and friendly menus. I will prescribe it largely without a prescription and insistently in my job as oncologist.”

Dr Jean Paul Curtay

Dr. Jean Paul Curtay

“OLIVIE Force/Rich optimizes glycemic control. It is a natural product but acts like a drug for diabetic patients.”

Dr. Jean Pierre Willem

“I dedicated full pages on olive tree polyphenols benefits from the Morocco desert in my best-seller book!”

Dr Jean Pierre Willem

Dr. Steven R. Gundry

“The purpose of food is to get olive oil in your mouth.”

Dr Steven Gundry
Dr Werner Fache

Dr. Werner Faché

“Doctor Fache found that when his patients take OLIVIE Force/Rich, they can reduce their LDL-OX by an average of 27% after an 8-weeks treatment. OLIVIE Force/Rich also lowered their LP-PLA2 blood factor, a significant warning signal for patients at high risk of heart strokes and aneurysm. He considers OLIVIE Force/Rich a perfect natural and organic alternative to chemical statins.”

Clinical Studies made on OLIVIE Polyphenols.