OLIVIE PowerUp: a teaspoon contains the same quantity of antioxidants hydroxytyrosol as 10 liters of olive oil.

Desert olive tree pearls, concentrate of power

OLIVIE PowerUp is an olive tree extract mixed with an olive oil obtained by cold pressing fresh olives. These pearls are rich in polyphenols and are indicated both in the daily diet and for the treatment of body and face skin.

Why olivie desert pearls are so rich in antioxydants?

Simply beacuse this oil comes from olive trees planted in a rocky desert. Just like the wine, it is well known that the olive tree needs to suffer to produce the best of itself. Considering the very hot environment (up to 53°C in summer), the rocky soil where roots cannot develop easily, the lack of water, olive trees stress. A panic phenomenon occurs in the trees (instinct of survival), which results in a raised production of polyphenols (antioxidant) and more particularly in Hydroxytyrosol and Tyrosol (self-defence).

Desert olive tree pearls

The olive trees used to produce OLIVIE PowerUp grow in the arid soil and harsh climate of the southern Sahara of Morocco.

These olive groves are cultivated with a minimum of irrigation and no fertilizers or pesticides. Growing in an arid, harsh climate, these trees have triggered a survival mechanism that produces distinctive olives. As a result, the laboratory analysis shows the oil obtained from OLIVIE olives contains 30 times more antioxydants than regular extra virgin olive oil. In fact, OLIVIE olive oil contains around 233 mg/kg of Hydroxytyrosol.

Body assimilation:

with an extremely small molecular size, Hydroxytyrosol is a polyphenol easily assimilated by the human body. It is able tocross cell membranes and theblood- brain barrier!
• Rich in polyphenols, protects blood lipids against oxidative stress.
• In the daily diet, replacing saturated fats by unsaturated fats, like we find in the Desert Olive Tree Pearls, contributes to maintaing a normal cholesterol.
• Helps rejuvenate the skin when massaging with these pearls.

Suggested use

These pearls can be used to season your salads or used on your fish or toasts. You can also massage your face and your back by scrubbing these pearls on your skin. this will be a cure of antioxidants that will benefit your skin.

The beneficial effect

Is met when consuming one teaspoon per day of Olive Tree Pearls, which corresponds to a daily consumption of 67 mg of Hydroxytyrosol (equivalent to 10 liters of olive oil).

100% natural and organic

OLIVIE PowerUp is naturally obtained from olives without using additives or solvents.


Organic certified olive tree extract (Olea europea L), organic certified olive oil, first cold pressed.

Free of

Gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, sugar, artificial flavor, sweetener, conservatives, color additives.